Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long time...

Well here we are a year later... Not that I've been missed I suppose. Naturally a lot has happened. Im a junior in high school. I got old :) James hates me in case you were wondering how that worked out. Im in love with someone :D here's the catch, he lives 2,000 miles away :( Does it suck? More than you can imagine. He's perfect though. Everything about him. His handsome face, and when he smiles I just melt! Will it work out? I don't know for sure. He makes me happy and feel safe and loved. I want him more than anything. He even deals with me when my depression is acting up, he listens to me. He loves me for me. And maybe I am crazy but I honestly don't care. He is pretty much my best friend. We also send eachother letters in the mail. Pretty cute huh? :) I think he is the one. I will keep you updated. Night <3