Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Christmas!

So Its 5 days until Christmas. Woo. The older you get the less exciting it all really is. School is going okay. My math teacher is absolutly phyco. Whatever don't care about spelling issues. Unfortunatly i do have homework over the amazing 2 week break. Mostly writing my theme essay. Personally i don't get themes in books but whatever. Then studying for Ap world history dun dun duh! Bethany and Tara are doing well. Girl drama as usually with them. Nothing major. Charlie (my kitten) is so cute! beyond cute! lol. He still tries to nurse CeCe though. Pretty gross.

This weekend mom and i have been shopping our asses off. For lindsey really. I pretty much know everything im getting for Christmas. Another set back to getting older this time around. Went to Forever 21 and picked out some very cute jewelry. Can't wait to wear them! Also need to go pick up mom's Christmas present. I wish It was already February and i had my license! That way i could drive without her there. Though driving is pretty scary as it is. Well thats it for now.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

long time.

What happenend to us? You pushed me out. I didn't know what else but to act impulsively. Now i resent ever meeting you and hate being around you. It hurts. Feels like im trapped behing a clear window watching life not being able to stop it. like someone has taken over. and i fear that it is too late now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

bleh XP hehe

Lets see where to begin? At the begining of course! lol i heard that somewhere i can't remember. too bad. Okay so this weekend wasn't boring which was nice for once. Mom took lindsey and aubrey her friend to the park. So i went and i brought James with me. We didn't really do anything so no biggie there. We went home after like an hour lol. I wanted James to stay though so he came over to my house. I wanted to just stay outside but no. lol. So we watched a movie with my mom. It was funny. Too bad he didn't get to watch the whole thing. Anyways later that night some things were said so i asked him out. He said yes so here we are been going out for three days. Pretty amazing right? All the friends i told flipped out. In a good way though. Except Bethany. And when i told my brother he didn't say anything. Which really creeped me out and was really bothering me. I kept asking him to say something all ready but he just shook his head and when he did speak again it was something completely different. Its definitley different. I mean its hard to think of him that way. I mean when i see him and he hold my hand i'm like oh yea.... My whole 7th period knows thanks to Tara and Scott. Tara decided to tell my english teacher about us so she tells it to her really quietly and she goes who is going out with who? So she says it a little bit louder and i guess scott was listening in. my teacher looks at me and goes really? all excitedly like everyone else. Then scott goes YOUR GOING OUT WITH JAMES!? I just put my head on my desk and was just so embarassed. Then everyone was like what? who? so i could hear someone start telling that person what happened. I just didn't even want to look up from my desk. All right so hmmm the band fest is on Thursday. It's really the only performance we do that i really love to do. but this year its bad because we are so...well we aren't terible.... but were just not ready yet. Like if we had another week and EVERYBODY went home and practiced every night we then would be ready. But in 2 days. No. Especially the girl next to me. All she does is text behind the stand and it bugs me because it gets in the way of reading my music and she moves it over to far. Grr i just want to scream STOP TEXTING ALL YOUR BOYFRIENDS YOU WHORE! But thats what we call being over dramatic. So i can't do that unfortunatly. Shelby has really become a pretty good friend with me. Our dance is coming up and Lena has made up all of it so far. But she says guys you need to make up moves i can't do it all myself but she keeps making little changes everywhere and i can't do some of these moves okay? Pretty....whats the word? Umm they're not G rated really lol so yea if you can picture that....probably be best if you didn't.... lol. Okay i'll go this post is really long....sorry for all the spelling mistakes and what not.

Monday, April 13, 2009

James is making me write so yea. School sucks and is boring. You can look around and see on everone's face that no one wants to be there. CRT's are coming up. I love that because its a big sign that school is almost over. Anyways my dance is in May and our music is due tomorrow. I haven't really looked into it because well i don't know how my teacher wanted it to happen like we get 5 days off and when we come back we have our music so all six of us have to get together and find it which makes it complicated. Lindsey is outside right now. Kylee and Keaten are here. I have no idea how to spell his name so sound it out. Easter this year was...boring. Im Catholic so its a big holliday but we didn't do anything. Lindsey was gone at her dads so we didn't do an egg hunt or color eggs. I guess thats fine with me but it helps to make it feel like Easter. We just went to my grandpas and we all we were split. Jackie are her daughters went out back and talked, Grandpa was watching golf inside, and me, my mom, and tony were on the porch so again not really Eastery. We went home around 5:45. I asked my mom if we could she could take me somewhere to get Lindsey something. The day before i was super bored and so my mom and I went to walmart and i got 120 crayons and a coloring book lol. We got lindsey some too for Easter but i wanted to buy her something myself. So we went to K-mart and i bought her a Hulu-Hoop and a stuffed animal duck :) yup. Ugh we found out that all my cousins are down in Las Vegas with Grandma and Great Grandma. I was so sad i was like why didn't we get to go!! Mom felt bad i guess so were planning on going in May but it would have been better for spring break :( All i've been doing is watching Muffins on youtube. Its hilarious though i love it! I also have been listening to techno funk for music for dance. Its pretty weird. Loving techno funk isn't that bad though but its 7 minutes long. I really don't want to do the dance!!! I get stage freight and forget all of the dance! I've done that when we preform in front of the class. its horrible i don't know how people do it. I'm mad at myself for not practicing my flute. we have practice charts now and you have to get 2 hours and i didn't do any so i have to do 3 hours now. but it is my fault i need to be practicing because our festival is on the 22nd this month and im struggling with American Marching Tune. ummm lets see what else has been going on.... oh my brother came home last night at 1 am and was like "guess what i just did" and he pulled out a condem out of his pocket. I was like ah! It wasn't used or anything. I held it and i felt dirty like i was committing a crime holding it. Nasty. I didn't want to hear anything he said so i was like ugh huh yea bye! lol sick. No im listening to Rock the funky beat techno. It is also long like 6 minutes. Jeez why is techno always so long. For our dance i really hope we do ravving or something so we can be in the dark and no one can see me :D yay!!! Anyways thats all. I probably messed a lot of stuff in here but im too lazy to reread it.