Friday, June 17, 2011

good morning

It is just about 4 am. Whoo! I'm staying up all night because tomorrow night the Girl Scouts are staying overnight at an arcade place. Should be really fun. My sister just went to bed. She tried poor thing. Once you get past 4 its pretty easy from there. I want to stay up till 6 and wake up later around 3 pm hopefully. We will see.
School is finally out. YES!! Sooo happy. Its about the second week. My mom is having me do some temp jobs. Which are pretty fun I'm not going to lie. Its been a really good start. I love June. July is nice too. August is stressful. But. I'm not going to think about it. Its summer now so I'm going to enjoy it day by day. I can't even explain how good it feels to do nothing. Just sleep in. Chill. Besides work, its awesome. I do need to take Fitness for Life this summer. Once we get a new lap top cause our "new" one is total crap, I'll start that.
I lost some weight. Though I think I've gained some back because its been hard to fit in working out this past week and a half. Hopefully will be getting back on that.
My man might be coming down in Julyish August. Plane tickets aren't cheap so nothing is set in stone yet. If it doesn't happen I'm shooting for Christmas break. I'll be doing Angel Tree and I made 400$ last year so that could help. Plus he'd get to see snow! Woo! Either way its nerve racking. I'm not sure why because its also really exciting and I'm tired of living without him. I'm just praying that I don't faint haha.
I guess the family is okay. I get reminded of why I want to leave for college badly and then why I'm going to miss it a lot. But I think the distance will be good. When I come visit it would be less stressful, less fighting, that sort of thing. I do feel bad because I'm my mom's best friend. Only time will tell eh?
I just hope summer continues to be this good and slow!


Alkyoni said...

*sharp inahle* You've never had marmalade? (come to think of it, I'm not sure how it's spelled either... hunh)
2.000 miles?! Boy that's some distance! But it's cute that you're trying!
Ooooh, you ARE older!v(By a few months). Hee hee, old lady! :D