Friday, May 27, 2011

So, it is the weekend finally. I didn't have school today for some reason and since Memorial Day is Monday I will be missing that day too. Then just four days of school. Not that any work will actually be done this last week. I'll be taking the SAT on Saturday after the last day of school. I am super nervous. I HAVE to do well on it or I won't be able go to the good schools I want.Bleh. We will see I suppose.

Anyways, yesterday I went over to Evanny's. We just chilled in the street and played basketball. I don't know why, but i really liked it. I loved being outside at night, just chilling with other people my age,besides the Little kids. I forgot about how much I hate being cooped inside with nothing to do. Then today we went back outside, played some horse which I failed at. Still fun though. Then we painted little girl's nails outside in the sun. I got to do my toes a sparkly orange! Then we went inside. A little bit after that I had to go home. It was nice though being away. Now I'm just watching t.v with my mom. We are watching The Backup Plan. Sometimes I picture myself having to go through having kids without a partner. I don't know why. But it ends happy with these two in the movie.

Summer is just a week away and I'm so happy. But at the same time I'm not. I hope that I have things to do, see my friends, have fun being a teenager while it lasts. It's one of my last summers here before I go off to college where ever that may be. College is scary on its own. I hope i keep some of my friends from here but i know that i probably wont which is sad. I'll have to make new friends all over again. Then there's the whole "time to settle down and have kids time" I know i shouldn't worry about that kind of thing because if it happens then it does. i don't want to be all alone though... hmm. it sucks not knowing. Though, i wouldn't ever want to know the future. I'm just full of contradictions! Its really annoying.

I feel bad because a lot of people have deep things to say on their blogs. Things to make you think. I don't really. Its hard to put thoughts on paper. it never really comes out the way you want it to. I have a lot of things on my mind. the ideas go around so fast in my head that i can only get so much out. its not even 8 yet and im tired. how lame? 17 year olds are supposed to be out all night having fun. not stuck inside wearing cow print pajamas getting sleepy at 9. Its pretty dissapointing how lame i am. at least i think it is. I should probably go though.


Alkyoni said...

You'll do well on SATs! I'm crossing my fingers for you!
A blog is something personal so I don't think you should feel bad because, as you say, you don't write something inspirational. Which is incorrect as a statement because you have no idea what someone may find inspirational, right? After all the human brain works in the most peculiar of ways.

Alkyoni said...

Oh boy, I forgot to answer your comment, jeez.
Rest... that sounds familiar.
Enviromental engineer! Wow, that sounds interesting!

Zachary Penguin said...

Your gonna ROCK your SATs so don't worry about that! (:
As for the summer, you'll find something to do! Don't worry about being bored bc i'd rather be bored than be stuck in a classroom!! D:
You dont HAVE TO go to college first thing outta college, most people do though. I plan on waiting a year than college.

On a unrelated topic, I like your blog, its cool and decortated with a groovy theme!