Monday, May 23, 2011


Yes. It is Monday today. Not just any Monday though. The last Monday of the school year! Yay! I am very happy that this is the last week of school work. Next week is just year book and checking out. All that boring stuff. Then just one more year of high school. ONE! I always hear people say how they're going to be soooo sad and cry and all that emotional stuff. I will probably out of sheer joy. High school is torture. Especailly when you live somewhere that is so judgemental to different people that it's rediculous.
However, life is a bit scary. One day i'll be out. Making my own decisons. Going to the store, paying bills, going to work, maybe have kids to worry about. I think that is one of the only sad things about leaving school. The fact that now it's time to actually grow up and be, a grown up. I don't even know HOW to be one. I guess if it was impossible though, then people wouldn't be doing it. I'm looking foward to providing for myself and buying my first house. It's going to be amazing! And of course my career. Gotta help and change the world for the better right? Right. Who knows what challenges will await me?

Anyways back to today. Didn't do much in school. Can't do much with only really 2 school days left. Hopefully will be having a sleep over at Evanny's with Cicily on Thursday since it will be a four day weekend. (right before school ending? yes i know right?) It should be fun. We always have fun at school. It's been such a long year. And yet it really doesn't even feel like it. I guess cause you stop remembering everything. Ive lost a few of my friends, but gained some really good ones. I try to feel regretful for losing the others but I can't. I couldnt really be myself with them. Even though Evanny and Cicily don't know everything about me or all my secrets, that's okay. I still don't feel like im hiding things from them. I hope this summer is a good one. Last year's was totally wasted. bleh. But I will not let this summer go to waste. Next summer I will preparing to go to college. Where ever that may be... Some where awesome for sure.
I really should go and work on my history final project. Its hard to though... but when it's done i'll feel better I suppose. It should come out really nice.


Tunafish said...

Wow, one last week?? Dang, I still have a couple weeks with a buncha finals and exams (apparently there's a difference). Leaving school doesn't mean you don't stop learning though. But I am gonna have to learn allot =P Not really sure what life after school will be like... I just trust it to God and know that whatever He has me doing is the best I could be doing.

Saying goodbyes really are hard. I have to say goodbye to the only girl I'd ever date and we haven't ever gone out. Almost all my bandmates and other close friends have also already left but I found people to hang with that I hadn't as much before. There's always someone out there willing to give hugs and do whatever. I love those people =)

Anyways, this is your blog =P you check out After You yet? Texas in July also came out with a new record... they're a little harder though. So yeah, Jesus loves you! =)

Alkyoni said...

Yah, I have one more week of Exams too. T.T
It's ok if you didn't understand some parts of my last post. I guess it'd be hard for anyone who doesn't live in Greece to understand - I am SO not good at explaining stuff... *sigh*